How to fix an unsolvable Rubik’s Cube

If you’re looking at Rubik’s Cube solutions and your case does not correspond to any of those represented, then your cube in unsolvable.

Why there are Rubik’s Cubes that can’t be solved

Most of the times, the Rubik’s Cube becomes unsolvable because someone, intentionally or unintentionally, takes one or more pieces out of the cube. If the piece is now put back in the cube in a different position or orientation, the cube will now be impossible to solve.

How to fix the Rubik’s Cube

Unsolvable Rubik's CubeIn order to fix the cube, you need to take out the pieces that are not properly in place and put them back so that the cube is fully solved. Therefore, it is advisable to solve most of the cube, so you don’t have to remove and replace so many pieces.

To take out the pieces of the cube, turn 45 degrees one face (see photo). Put a thumb on each edge and make pressure in opposite directions.

Once you have taken out an edge, it’s easy to take out the rest of the pieces you need to change. Now, put the pieces back in the cube, but this time in the correct position. Finally, you have to insert the last edge with a face rotated 45 degrees (just like you did to take it out).

You can now scramble the Rubik’s cube and you will be able to solve it! (if you know how, hehe)


      1. I agree that someone may have tampered with its mechanics, however, that is not the case with mine. I must’ve made an illegal move somewhere and it’s throwing the cube off. I’ve solved this cube many times before but there is an illegal move (otherwise foul) that inadvertently makes it unsolvable.

    1. me to but i fix some. but did not fix all of it. but don’t worry. soon we will get it try some more apps.

      1. Wouldn’t my cube break? My cubes brand is D-Fantix. I can’t get it the correct order to solve. It keeps saying do this do that and I’ve kept trying but it still doesn’t work.

  1. Man what happened to me is that once I bought my cube I was able to solve it 30-40 times, and out of the blue I was not able to solve it anymore because 1 corner peace (yellow blue and green in my case) was not in the right place (everything else was). How is that even possible, to became unsolvable (nothing was taken out) after I solved it so many times? Do you know what was the problem?

    1. Hello, Igor. Sometimes the centerpieces have so little pression that the corners can rotate without moving from their own position.

      1. I have never taken apart the cube and it came assembled correctly, but still have one piece out of place. I didn’t pull it apart, but tried to and notice the colors are in the corresponding position. I noticed the comment above had a similar problem. Does it still need to be taken apart?

        1. you can twist it, it takes a bit of pressure and it’ll feel like its gonna pop, but it wont.

      2. This kept happening on one of my cubes, only one. Your observation helped me out a lot. I didn’t realize the corner was rotating during speed solves. I never knew it could turn so easy. One single corner can flip. Thanks for your advice.

    2. peace: freedom from disturbance; tranquility – piece:a portion of an object or of material, produced by cutting, tearing, or breaking the whole. YES, I SEE THE PROBLEM: LACK OF “ed·u·ca·tion”:the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction

  2. My cube is mixed up so I have no idea which one is messed up how do I figure this out

    1. Try to solve it as much as you can, until you find the pieces that you need to move.

    1. No, you have to take the pieces apart. That’s why it is unsolvable.
      Another possibility would be to change the stickers, but afterwards they would not stick well to the cube.

  3. i solved mine already like 5 mins before this then i got this so how is it now unsolvable?

  4. my cube is lent from my dad he says I can’t take it apart bcause it will get damaged, but it is unsolvable!!

      1. If your cube has a decent quality (almost all of them), it won’t be damaged at all.

  5. I have seen people solve my cube but i can’t I used a cube solver and it said that my cube was taken apart

  6. Perfect solution and perfect cube finally!!! Thank you so much!!! 2 pieces had fallen out when the cub got stuck, and I had to pull out the pieces due to having only 1 corner incorrectly oriented. Now that the cube is fixed, I will be able to solve it using all your steps without pulling out any piece in future. You rock, cool cat, cheers :)

  7. I’m using a Void Rubik’s Cube, which means it has no center pieces, and when I mix it up, and try to solve, two corners are swapped while everything else is solved. Then, I mix it up again and do solve again, and it somehow works. Can anybody explain this? I can’t move any pieces without taking it apart.

    1. dont have void cube, but i heard in one video talking about void cube, and there was said there exist some parities, maybe that it is?

  8. Yesss!!! Solved the cube without pulling out any pieces this time. Thank you so much :)
    BTW, is there any trick to memorize the moves, I am not able to retain the algos :(

  9. i solved my cube by turning the corner pieces at last……it was solved then……is it correct to do it

  10. What if the corners still don’t match. I accidently dropped and the core split and I put back together and the corners won’t line even when you try to align them

  11. I have a 4×4 cube and everything is solved correct except the last two corners. They’re switched around. I know for a 3×3 that it would be unsolvable but is it the same for the 4×4?

    1. 4×4 has only edge parities, sometimes one edge can be bad oriented or two edges swapped, never corners though, so yea it is unsolvable, but i am not sure if you wanna take apart 4×4, it looks alot diferent than normal 3×3, its 5×5 with hidden center layers-center pieces

  12. In the third layer i have solved the cross.. And the 2 layers too but the 2 neighbouring corners are at right place and the other 2 are’nt. So just tell me how to swap neighbouring corners..and i know the cube js solvable cuz it was already solved when it came

    1. Are you sure they aren’t in the right place……they might just be in the wrong orientation

  13. In the third layer i have solved the cross.. And the 2 layers too but the 2 neighbouring corners are at right place and the other 2 are’nt. So just tell me how to swap neighbouring corners..and i know the cube is solvable cuz it was already solved when it came

  14. My rukics cube is out of order. From previous comments one of the corners must have gotten rotated. Which one, and which direction? I need a web page that will not only guide me to solve, but if impossible, guide me to fix it


  15. WHY DOESNT IT WORK!! My cubes brand are D-Fantix. I read the instructions over and over again and kept trying with the cube! It still doesn’t work!! I don’t think the cube can come apart because I pulled on one side and I looked in but it didn’t look like I could pull it apart. I’m also not very strong

    1. I think a ghost has messed mine up! Ok so I have 2 cubes and they cone apart easily. When I try to put it back together the corners are all flipped. On my fixed cube I have purple on top to the left space say. Then it’s corner left is pink and corner right is green. On my broken cube when purple is in same position the corner left is green and the corner right is pink! So I can’t put it back together even by cheating. The other corners are the same. It’s like someone has lifted off the sides and swapped them over but this not possible to do. Am I going mad or is it a spooky happening?!

  16. If you simply (i say simoly with the lightest of meaning) flip the sides. i swapped yellow/white once and came uo with 2 crazy pieces. the way it solved initially was with 4 crazy pieces on the permutation that would not solve no matter what i did. then i just double check to make sure once i “know” where white and yellow are i have all the other colors in the right spot. solve. still 2 permutation sides messed up. so i roated the colors and moved the white to a position on the right instead of simply swapping with yellow (as i would get the same results again if i just flipped yellow and white again). i solved and … boom everything in place. it took a while to figure out but i didnt have to take it apart. i didnt want to drive myself crazy. also for those who need to take it apart and dont know how…. every center piece has a screw. just unscrew all of it and put each side back in the right place. its easy. use your finger nail to remove the centers. hope this helps as well

  17. Thanks, this article helped me solve my rubik’s cube, one of the corners of which was accidentally twisted by my infant :)

  18. Hi I have a 4* 4 Rubik cube which is now unsolvable shall I too do the same trick or there is any thing else that i can do

  19. like a friend says before the middle pieces have inside a screw.Solve your cube till the end that you can do and when you have only 2 bad corners to fix just unscrew the middle piece that is in side that the 2 corners were and switch those corners.Its not that hard…just be careful to remove only the top 3 pieces nothing else so it ll be easier to put those back in again

  20. Hello my cube is unbreakable like you cannot take it out or it breaks what should I do it can only turn with the corners help me

  21. My cube came unsolved and once I tried to do it there were edge pieces with the colours of opposite faces…..what do I do

  22. my cube is a qiyi mofange, the edge pieces are flipped and they’re connected to the core. 4 sides are solved and the last 2 have flipped edges, how to you flip them back if they’re connected thanks

  23. my cubes corners will not solve and i can not take it apart but i can remove the center ca piecesp

  24. If you can’t take your cube apart like this, try popping off a center piece and screwing it loose. Make sure to count how much you screw so you can put it back together nicely!

  25. Bruh my corner must have been switched and idk how to solve it and the app just says that it’s impossible so can someone please help me

  26. Nico’s comment is underrated. That app 100% helped me fix my broken rubiks cube and showed me exactly which piece was incorrect. Thanks Nico!

  27. mine is a japanese brand and it doesent come apart like my other one… ( i can take off the center pieces but my brother put them in the wrong spot and two of the corners need to be switched : | )

  28. The cube is “solvable” in this position. The steps given just don’t account for this situation. I have solved it many times from this position, but I don’t have an algorithm. DON’T break your cube.

  29. No one took apart my cube. I just scrambled my 4×4 and its now unsolvable. I just got it today!

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