Rubik’s Cube: Solution, Buy, Records & More


Rubik’s Cube Solution

If you’re tired of hazy and confusing solutions to Rubik’s Cube… Just follow these step by step solutions and you will be able to resolve the Rubik’s cube by your own in a couple of minutes. Surprise your friends solving the most popular puzzle all around the world.


Buy Rubik’s Puzzles

There are a lot of Rubik’s Cube brands, but not of them has the same quality and price. Paying more does not always mean buying a better cube. We will show you which are the best quality puzzles, and where to buy them at the best price (includes free shipping worldwide!)


Rubik’s Cube Records

Are you able to solve your Rubik’s Cube? Yes? Under a minute? These guys can solve it in a few seconds. They are able to solve the cube with just one hand, or with their feet, or even blind-folded. You won’t believe it until you see it. Check these amazing videos!


Rubik’s Cube Blog

Do you want to know more things about the Rubik’s Cube? If you want to know some curiosities (Who invented the cube? Why did he invented it?) or if you just want to see some funny staff related with this puzzle, just follow our blog to keep up to date about the cube!