Step 6: Position the corners of the Rubik’s Cube

rubiks cube - step6 - objWe have already solved to position all the Rubik’s Cube pieces except for the corners of the last layer. This penultimate step consists on putting the corners into their right position, without paying attention to their orientation. So, we have to clearly know what it means that a corner is in its right position in a Rubik’s Cube:

A corner is in its right position if the 3 nearer center colors are the same 3 the corner has.

Let’s see some examples to illustrate scenarios where corners aren’t in their position and others where they are in a Rubik’s Cube:

rubiks cube - step6-1

It’s possible that the four corners are in their right position from the beginning (skip to the next step), that there is one corner in its place, or none. If there’s only one in its position, follow one of the first two solutions whether you see the right method to place the rest of the corners in their position.

Case 1: Three corners out of their position (a)

rubiks cube - step6-c1

Case 2: Three corners out of their position (b)

rubiks cube - step6-c2

Cases 3 and 4: No corners in their right place

If there isn’t any corner in its position, follow any of the two previous solutions and you will get one of the corners put into its place. Finally, follow the solution depending on the case you have obtained.

rubiks cube - step6-c3rubiks cube - step6-c4

What does “+ Repeat Step 6” mean?
You will not be able to solve this case directly. However, if you perform the movements specified, you will get another case for this step.

Now we’ve solved the Rubik’s Cube in order to put the corners into their position. In the last step we’ll see the solution to make the corners rotate till we end up with the solved Rubik’s Cube in your hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a different case. There are only two corners out of their position
In that case, your cube is unsolvable. Take a look at how to fix your unsolvable Rubik’s Cube.

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