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The Rubik’s cube is one of the most popular puzzles in the world. Its apparent simplicity allows anyone to understand how it moves and what the goal is… but very few people are able to solve it by themselves.

Following the success of the original Rubik’s cube (or Rubik’s cube 3×3), other similar puzzles were released: smaller cubes, cubes with more pieces, pyramid-shaped puzzles, dodecahedron-shaped puzzles (12 faces)…

If you are interested in where to buy a Rubik’s cube or any of the similar puzzles, below I will tell you which are the best quality ones and the best place to buy them. But first keep in mind that “Rubik’s” is a registered trademark, so the only cubes that can be legally called “Rubik’s cubes” are those made by Rubik’s. Therefore, they are the best (and only) Rubik’s cubes. You can buy a Rubik’s cube on Amazon:


However, Rubik’s cubes made by Rubik’s are not the best quality ones. Today there are other brands of better quality (they rotate better, do not get stuck, do not peel off the stickers…) and lower price. In fact, these are the cubes that are used to beat the Rubik’s cube world records.

You won’t find these cubes in physical stores, you will have to buy them online. I always buy them in AliExpress (has the best prices, although it takes several weeks to arrive) or in Amazon (more expensive, but faster shipping). Both stores are totally reliable and, if any problem arises, you can claim and get your money back.

I have selected the best 3×3 cubes in relation quality/price, so you can buy the best cube according to your budget.

Qiyi MS 3×3 Cube
A good quality cube at the best possible price. Ideal to learn how to solve it and get started in speedcubing (solve it fast).
$ 7.59
Free shipping!
Moyu Weilong GTS2 M 3×3 Cube
With this cube the world record in solving the Rubik’s cube was broken (3.47 seconds). It is the most economical option among the best cubes. Be sure to choose the “2M” model.
$ 19.77
Free shipping!
GAN 356 XS 3×3 Cube
This cube was used to break the Rubik’s cube average record. Surely the best cube in the world. Its only problem is its high price.
$ 43.16
Free shipping!

Buy other size cubes: 2×2, 4×4 and 5×5

2×2 cube is the little brother of Rubik’s cube, while 4×4 and 5×5 are its bigger brothers. A 2×2 cube is somewhat simpler than Rubik’s cube, but each turn moves half a cube, so we don’t have many references. 4×4 and 5×5 cubes are somewhat more complicated than the original Rubik’s cube.

From each puzzle I shall leave you with a couple of high quality cubes (much better than Rubik’s brand). One perfect for those looking for a cube that doesn’t get stuck and turns well when solving it. Another for those who want to solve it in the shortest amount of time possible.

Qiyi MS 2×2 Cube
Ideal for learning to solve the 2×2 cube and to start solving it quickly.
$ 6.64
Free shipping!
Dayan TengYun M 2×2 Cube
High quality cube with which have been achieved some of the world records in solving the Rubik’s cube 2×2.
$ 13.07
Free shipping!
Qiyi MS 4×4 Cube
Ideal for learning to solve the 4×4 cube.
$ 11.39
Free shipping!
Moyu Aosu GTS2 M 4×4 Cube
For those who want to solve the 4×4 cube as fast as possible.
$ 38.72
Free shipping!
Qiyi MS 5×5 Cube
Good quality 5×5 cube to learn how to solve it.
$ 14.24
Free shipping!
Valk 5 M 5×5 Cube
A professional quality 5×5 cube to solve it in the shortest time possible.
$ 37.63
Free shipping!

Buy Rubik’s cube variations

There are many variations of the original Rubik’s cube: pyramid-shaped puzzles (4 faces), dodecahedron-shaped puzzles (12 faces), puzzles with strange twists… Some variations are more complicated to solve than the Rubik’s cube, while others are simpler.

Megaminx is like a Rubik’s cube, but with 12 faces (a dodecahedron).
$ 7.95
Free shipping!
Pyraminx is a pyramid-shaped puzzle (4 faces) that is ideal for beginners and to try to solve it by yourself.
$ 7.59
Free shipping!
Skewb is surprisingly twisty, but with some practice you can try to solve it on your own.
$ 5.00
Free shipping!
Square-1 looks like a Rubik’s cube… until you make a turn and it loses its cubic shape. Quite a challenge.
$ 4.74
Free shipping!
Mirror Cube
Mirror cube is a Rubik’s cube, but instead of having colors, it has thicknesses. Each face has a different width and the goal is to return to be a cube. One of my favorite puzzles.
$ 3.35
Free shipping!
Void Cube
Void cube is a Rubik’s cube without centers. For this reason, there are some slightly different cases. Very colorful.
$ 8.52
Free shipping!
Snake is ideal for the little ones to make three-dimensional figures.
$ 4.79
Free shipping!
A timer (with or without mat) to help you improve your Rubik’s cube times.
$ 12.97
Free shipping!
Fisher Cube
Fisher cube is like a 3×3 Rubik’s cube, but with the pieces in a different shape. It solves the same way.
$ 3.78
Free shipping!
Gear puzzles
When you rotate a cube with gears, not only one face moves, but several rotate.
$ 5.45
Free shipping!
Rubik’s Cube keychain
Show off your Rubik’s cube hobby with this fantastic keychain.
$ 3.22
Free shipping!
Floppy Cube (3x3x1)
Floppy cube is very easy to solve and is ideal for very beginners.
$ 3.56
Free shipping!

Buy large size cubes: from 6×6 to… 19×19

In the years following the creation of the Rubik’s cube, 2×2, 4×4 and 5×5 cubes went on sale. It took quite a few more years before the first 6×6 cube was sold. But since then, new models have not stopped appearing until the 19×19 cube has been launched. Quite a challenge.

6×6 Cube
6×6 cube of great quality and price.
$ 13.69
Free shipping!
7×7 Cube
An economical and good quality 7×7 cube.
$ 14.74
Free shipping!
8×8 Cube
It will take you quite a while to solve it.
$ 26.32
Free shipping!
9×9 Cube
3×3 Rubik’s Cube looks like a tiny thing next to it.
$ 27.37
Free shipping!
10×10 Cube
We move on to the two digits: 10×10
$ 46.33
Free shipping!
11×11 Cube
11×11… and about 11 hours it will take you to solve it.
$ 63.17
Free shipping!
12×12 Cube
Arm yourself with patience to be able to put it together.
$ 92.66
Free shipping!
19×19 Cube
Do you have what it takes?
$ 816.77
Free shipping!


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