Step 5: Position the second cross of the Rubik’s Cube

rubiks cube - step5 - objIn the last step we’ve solved the second cross of the Rubik’s Cube. In this new step we’ll make the lateral cross colors to match with the center colors. We will only focus on the white Cube’s edges, without paying attention to the corners.

  1. Rotate the top layer of the Rubik’s Cube until there are two edges that coincide with their centers colors. If there is only one that coincides, continue rotating the top layer.
  2. Apply one of the following solutions depending on whether the right positioned edges are one beside the other or on the opposite side.

These are the possible cases:

Case 1: Adjoining edges

rubiks cube - step5-c1

Case 2: Opposite edges

rubiks cube - step5-c2

What does “+ Repeat Step 5” mean?
You will not be able to solve this case directly. However, if you perform the movements specified, you will get another case for this step.

We should have solved the position of the second cross of the Rubik’s Cube. Now it’s time to see the solution to position the corners in their right place.

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