Problems with Step 7 of Rubik’s Cube solutions

Do you have any problem with Step 7 of Rubik’s Cube solutions?

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  1. In step 7, I have 3 wrong corners. I have the cube oriented correctly, but the red/green/white corner is oriented correctly. Now what?

  2. You have to check if the corners need a clockwise turn or an anti-clockwise turn. Hold the cube as in the pictures and perform the movements.

    1. Hi, Archana. If you haven’t solved the edges yet, you should go back to step 5.

  3. This algorithm doesn’t work. It turns the corner but doesn’t solve the rest of the cube. Another algorithm that makes more sense, and works is R’D’RD

  4. uhh have corners on opposite corners but when i do 1b it stays the same orientation. What to do?

    1. Do you move the upper face between the algorithms? (the part with the red background)

  5. nice algorithms but not usefull for speedcubing at all i m not satisfied with the last step

    1. If you want to solve the Rubik’s Cube quickier, you have to learn more advanced methods like the Fridrich method.

  6. In the top layer of the rubix cube, 3 middle pieces of the TOP LAYER are incorect and I don’t know why

  7. I did what it said to do for complete 1a then do step 7 but it brought me back to step 3 be careful not to do that

  8. Great blog Diego! Even I had mistakes, only after which I realized that it was the problem of misunderstanding the given information. Finally completed my cube!! Thanks again!

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