Problems with Step 6 of Rubik’s Cube solutions

Do you have any problem with Step 6 of Rubik’s Cube solutions?

First, check the Frequently Asked Questions.

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  1. I have solved four faces of cube but in top layer there are two edges in others place. I.e. Blue edge is in the place of yellow and yellow edge is in the place of blue. What can do for that??? Plz help……….

  2. Struggled after step 8 – but managed to finally get there with some additional help from a video on the official Rubik’s website though! How some people do this in minutes is beyond me !

    1. You have to perform the algorith of the “Case 1”, but you won’t solve this step yet. You have to see again which case do you have in this step. Good luck!

    1. The last step is a little bit different than the rest. Read carefully all the instructions. Good luck!

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