Problems with Step 3 of Rubik’s Cube solutions

Do you have any problem with Step 3 of Rubik’s Cube solutions?

First, check the Frequently Asked Questions.

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  1. When it comes to completing the second row, i can get most of the middle/ corner pieces in place until it comes to Orange-Green and blue-orange. When i get one of them in place, the other one goes to the bottom row, when i get that one in place the other one is on the bottom row. 9/10 times when getting to this step i will have this problem. But occasionally i can go on to complete the cube. Help anyone? Thanks

  2. Hi Kyle. You should be careful to have the cube just like in the images before starting the movements. What you explained shouldn’t happen.

  3. Hey
    I started with white Cross ;in second layer I am getting only one corner
    I don’t have non yellow in 3 layer and inverted T
    What to do

    1. Check the section “There is not any edges without white color in the upper layer”. Good luck!

  4. I have he whole second layer except the green orange piece. The green is on the orange side and the orange is on the green side. How do I fix that?

  5. The solution for ‘There is not any edges without white color in the upper layer’ is missing

  6. “Rotate the top layer until that edge and the lateral center color matches, forming a T inverted.” What if they already match?
    Also, I’m finding that the wording becomes very confusing in the case solutions, since when you say turn left, the image shows turning right, and vice versa. Could you please provide some clarification as to which is the case?

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